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One book at a time...

We love books. That's not just a statement, it's who we are. We spend our days in Rivendale, our nights in Hartfield, and we vacation at Hogwarts. We've let books shape and mold us over the years. We've traveled to impossible places, accomplished amazing things, learned to love, been brokenhearted, and experienced unspeakable joy. In short, we have lived a thousand lifetimes.

We'd love to take you with us.

Things you need to know about us:

  • We have over 85,000 books in stock
  • We sell wine by the glass
  • Most of our books are half of the publishers price
  • We bring in new books every week
  • We support local authors
  • Our jewelry selection is amazing
  • Our team is marvelous and will help you find anything you need

We embrace every kind of reader, casual readers, weekend readers, vacation readers, only if I "have" to readers..., all are welcome! We firmly believe that any time spent reading is time well spent.